• Strategic Management - Portfolios and Funds

    Portfolio- and Funds-Management, Asset-Management


We assist investors in their strategic portfolio and funds management while making sure that the portfolio development will remain within the scope of there existing  jointly developed investment strategy.


We accompany and guide your portfolio’s return and risk development based on an in-depth portfolio analysis. We jointly develop a plan to pay attention to the appropriate chance/risk ratio, while always maintaining an ongoing strategy for your investment.


We assume the planning, management, realization and controlling the commercial exploitation of real estate or real estate portfolios at project level. Along with active tenant management, space optimization and  property management controlling, this also includes reporting tailored to your specific needs.Our ongoing objective is to optimize, preserve or increase value.


We will manage your investment in special funds and limited investment partnerships. Our range of services includes spot analysis and evaluation of individual transaction proposals, regular controlling reports and preparing applications  or participation in committee meetings. At jointly agreed intervals, we will check the fund alignment based on your investment strategy and risk allocation.