TRE primarily invests in real estate and holdings whenever they emphasize market properties.
We focus on opportunity and added value.


Here, the objective is to purchase troubled existing properties in order bring about an increase in value through active management, such as a revitalization or redevelopment. A successful new positioning on the market can lead to a rapid resale or be part of a holding strategy.


Here, the emphasis is on severely undervalued properties, high vacancy rates, difficult locations and surroundings, negative tenant mix; we are also looking for structurally or legally “distressed” properties such as residuals from collateral realization, NPL portfolios, foreclosures etc.
From integrated analysis and management through to the development of an entirely new project/repurposing, our objective is a repositioning on the market with a risk-adequate return.


We can also secure ongoing access to interesting properties in larger batches, which allows us to offer potential investors a co-investment opportunity based on the each project. In doing so, we attach great importance to a straightforward, transparent and trusting working relationship.