Managing Director

Martin Tartsch

Certified Credit Manager (CCM)

More than 20 years restructuring experience at the interface between real estate, financing, risk and corporate topics, including various leadership positions starting in 2007.

Between 2014 and 2017 Area Manager Fund Management II with TRIUVA (formerly IVG Institutional Funds), before starting in 2012 Global Head of Real Estate Management for the  Commerzbank Group as well as other positions as the  Head of Risk Management/ Intensive Care with Commerz Real AG (2007-2012) and  Management consultant / lawyer (starting 2003).

Extensive and in-depth hands-on experience in the restructuring of companies and real estate, turnaround and interim management, transactions and asset management, portfolio management, process optimization, sourcing.

personal track record (cumulative):
Transaction volume approx.EUR 3 bn
Asset responsibility approx.2.5 Million qm
Budget responsibility approx.EUR 800 Million annually